Floral French / Французский Френч


I needed something not flashy and I created this look. I think its very settle for people who is into nail art. It might be still too much for people who is not in a beaut world. I still got a lot of wows. LoL

Nail Polishes Used: Essie ‘Blanc’, OPI tint in pink, Models Own ‘Bubblegum’

Do you like it?

You can see how I did it in a video I posted on my Youtube Channel>

Мне нужно было что-то не бросающееся в глаза. И я сделала этот маникюр. Но как оказывается, это все же достаточно яркий маникюр для людей не относящихся к миру косметики, и не увлекающимися ногтями. Поэтому я все равно была замечена и услышала пару вау.

Лаки, которые использованы в этом маникюре: Essie ‘Blanc’, OPI tint розовый, Models Own ‘Bubblegum’
Вам нравится?

Вы можете посмотреть как я это сделала в видео, выложенном в моем Ютюб Канале>


Pink and Red Gradient

Red-Pink Gradint

I used pale pink Nfu Oh and red Anna Sui. Its not much more to it. But still so sweet looking. Do you like it?

Я использовала бледнорозовый Nfu Oh и красный желейный Anna Sui. В общем-то все. Просто и миленько. А как вы читаете?

Soft Pink and Blue


I used two cream nail polishes by Nfu Oh and two OPI tints to create this look. Its pretty simple not much more to say. I like the look though. What about you? Do you like it?

Использовала 2 кремовых лака Nfu Oh и 2 тинта OPI, чтобы сделать этот маникюр. Довольно-таки просто. Но мне нравится результат. А как вам? Вам нравится?

Fresh Strawberry

Wet strawberries

I used the pale pink by Nfu Oh and jelly type red by Anna Sui for the gradient to create the strawberry. The leaves are also Nfu Oh Green. Seeds are done by OPI nail polish from the Brazil collection. For the natural and realistic look, I used agua fresca. lol
I liked the look. Also Anna Sui nail polish is scented, so I found myself tempting to try how my nails taste. lol And I am not a biter. What do you think? DO you like this mani?

Я использовала бледнорозовый лак Nfu Oh и красный Anna Sui для градиента. Красный лак ароматизированный и такой желейный, что прям хотелось нажать и покусать. 🙂 Для листочков использовала зеленый кремовый лак Nfu Oh. Семена – желтый из Бразильской коллекции OPI. Вам нравится? Что вы думаете?

Chevron Gradient

Chevron Gradient

I absolutely love this mani. I know how to make it better the next time. I did it and learned from my mistakes.
So basically I used 2 nail polishes white and pink. I mixed them to make the different brightness of pink to create the gradient look. Then I applied it on the waxed baking paper and covered with a top coat. I let it dry completely. Then I pilled it off and cut with the zigzag scissors. I bought mine at Michaels, but I m sure they sell them everywhere, where they sell crafts and school supplies. I applied one coat of white nail polish on all my nails and let it dry. Then I worked one nail at the time. I applied the second coat of the white nail polish and applied the chevron decals. After placing chevron stripes and adjusting them, I applied the top coat. Carefully pill the extra strips from the sides. You can use clippers as well. The tip: when applying chevron decals, do the overlap. In my case, you can see some gaps because nail polish decals stretch a bit and move from the original place. Maybe if I wouldn’t be in the hurry, I could do it a bit neater without overlapping. I think I like this many enough to do it again, a bit different variation. I also like it for time saving. You can do this decals time ahead and use it on other people or toenails.
Nail Polishes I used are OPI “Alpine Snow” and “Kiss me on my tulips”, the top coat is by Glisten Glow. How do you like it?

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Pink chevron