Attention toenails!!!

I know lots of people are afraid/ disgusted by toenails. Its kind of funny. Its one of those sensitive subjects when everyone has it but pretend they dont. Its just feet, not a naked hairy butt! Lol But I understand and consider each person feelings, so I put my text first and a picture after, so people with a very gentle aesthetic taste can look away and scroll down. I promise I wont spam you with my feet posts. Well, unless you ask me to. 🙂
I posted this pedi on my IG account for the nails magazine challenge. I didnt do this pedi intentionally for the challenge, it just happen I had the picture already.

So it is a combination of water decals, nail art stickers and nail polish.

Any comments are welcome. Just remember, I am an administrator of the blog, so any negative comments wont be posted. The rest are welcome. Its my way of the democracy. lol

And here we are!





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