Chevron Gradient

Chevron Gradient

I absolutely love this mani. I know how to make it better the next time. I did it and learned from my mistakes.
So basically I used 2 nail polishes white and pink. I mixed them to make the different brightness of pink to create the gradient look. Then I applied it on the waxed baking paper and covered with a top coat. I let it dry completely. Then I pilled it off and cut with the zigzag scissors. I bought mine at Michaels, but I m sure they sell them everywhere, where they sell crafts and school supplies. I applied one coat of white nail polish on all my nails and let it dry. Then I worked one nail at the time. I applied the second coat of the white nail polish and applied the chevron decals. After placing chevron stripes and adjusting them, I applied the top coat. Carefully pill the extra strips from the sides. You can use clippers as well. The tip: when applying chevron decals, do the overlap. In my case, you can see some gaps because nail polish decals stretch a bit and move from the original place. Maybe if I wouldn’t be in the hurry, I could do it a bit neater without overlapping. I think I like this many enough to do it again, a bit different variation. I also like it for time saving. You can do this decals time ahead and use it on other people or toenails.
Nail Polishes I used are OPI “Alpine Snow” and “Kiss me on my tulips”, the top coat is by Glisten Glow. How do you like it?

photo 1 (5)

Pink chevron


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