Layered mani

New Technique

This manicure was totally inspired by an IG account. Its not my invention, but inspiration and some modification. I dont think they came up with the name for this technique. So I named it layered. It reminds me of cake Napoleon, not as flakie lol. So, there are many layers of different nail polishes. Each layer has to be dry to a touch before you add a new one. Which is totally a torture for me. I used spray for faster drying in between layers. After all layers completed, I used the brush saturated in the acetone to remove some layers. You have to be very careful, because. layers disappear fast. I went to fast in some spots. I like the mani over all, I m just not sure I like it enough to do it again. Maybe one day I am really bored, I try it again. What do you think?


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